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Pickle Juice Sport Reviews!

Supplying athletes since 2000...

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Finished the LBJ 100 bicycle event on 3/28/15. Visited with your reps who offered several of the slammer containers. No leg cramps the rest of the day! The wind was strong at the event so I was expecting cramps. I thing your Pickle Juice is a great quencher and recovery drink. Thanks
  --- Steve L. | 04/02/2015  

After suffering from( almost nightly) severe leg cramps. My Doctor recommend your product. It's the only thing that helps me through the night! Thank you!
  --- Christopher S. | 03/01/2015  

I have been a leg cramp sufferer for most of my life. I am so thankful for this product because it is the only thing that helps. Thanks for creating the best product ever.
  --- Anita T. | 10/10/2014  

I participated in a DARE fundraiser where the group has to ride across Arkansas from Missouri state line to Louisiana state line in under 24 hours with only short rest stops. Total distance right under 300 miles. I bought some PJ Sport Drink and drank a bottle before the ride and sipped on it during rest stops and did not have a single issue with cramps the entire time which was a little over 22 1/2 hours total with 17 of that being riding hours. I attributed a lot of this to PJ Sport Drink. I'm a firm believer and will definitely make it part of my normal routine. Thanks for helping me have a very successful ride!
  --- Joe H. | 09/29/2014  

I suffer from severe night leg cramps,. I have since childhood, as did my father and his mother. I tried pretty much everything, and talked with dozens of doctors and pharmacists. A friend's wife us a sports team trainer. I tried it both proactively after running and when I felt cramps coming on. It works, and it's the only thing that has . . . After a lifetime of looking. Thanks!
  --- Steve M. | 12/20/2013  

During physical therapy, I had really bad leg cramps. My sister sent me 3 six packs & I absolutely love it!!! I don't have leg cramps anymore! I want to order it from you because I live in Las Vegas NV & NO ONE sells it here!
  --- Leslie R. | 08/08/2013  

I suffer from CIDP. An elderly couple told me they drank it for restless leg syndrome. I have been drinking it for 2 weeks now and it has made a tremendous improvement in my pain level.
  --- Deanna D. | 06/28/2013  

A co-worker recommended your product as I have developed leg cramps while cycling. I have tried several remedies, but have found this works the best. I take it before, during and after my rides and when I feel cramps coming on. It really works. I have now recommended it to my fellow cyclists
  --- Mike P. | 06/26/2013  

I bought the single shot bottles. I am a diabetic and sometimes I get cramps in my hands. The quick shot works wonders.
  --- James W. | 06/26/2013  

I had read about the research on pickle juice's treatment of muscle cramps. I am an avid bicyclist and suffer from leg/foot cramps when I push too much. I have been buying dill pickles, throwing away the pickles and drinking the juice. It works to prevent and/or moderate the cramps. The pickle juice shots are much more convenient. Thank you for filling this important niche.
  --- Jimle L. | 06/26/2013  

Great product! For a while the taste is strong but after a while it grows on you! Since I've been drinking this, I've noticed immediate results: I no longer got the occasional cramp and I've had much more energy to use during my sets. Thanks!
  --- Courtney L. | 06/26/2013  

a great product and i highly recommend it, not only to prevent cramps but because it taste good and saves money for those that drink the juice from the pickle jar (which my wife always chided me about).
  --- Mike D. | 06/25/2013  

i have had bad leg cramps for well over 35 years. only at night. i would cramp up and have to walk it off, sometimes to the point of tears in the eyes. i tried, i thought everything. till i tryed your product and the buck ends here. this is a god send, where you 35 years ago? this is a amazing product, i will recomend this to any body with cramps. will be in the process of placing another order. thanks again.
  --- Phillip T. | 06/25/2013  

Pickle juice works for me! I suffer from severe cramping in hotter weather when I exercise more than 3 hours. Sports drinks don't cut it for me. My sweat rate is 8oz per running mile and the only way for me to stay ahead of the hydration curve and avoid cramps is to add 16oz of pickle juice to each quart I consume. Pickle juice keeps me loose to go long.
  --- John B. | 06/24/2013  

Participating in sporting activities in hot and humid climates cramps has always been my worse nightmare. I always seem to cramp no matter what I did. I discovered Pickle Juice while participating in the HHH 100. I must admit I have been cramp free since using PJ before, during and after a ride. Trust me I wont leave home without it.
  --- Brian R. | 06/24/2013  

I've suffered from leg cramps for years. My Neurologist mentioned that pickle juice seemed to work. I used to take quinine pills but the government put a stop to that, hence the Neurologist. Thank God I found your product. I ordered 4 12 packs, I keep some in my bedroom, some in the car, and even take a couple of bottles with me to a baseball game. I swear by your juice, and tell everyone I can about the stuff.
  --- Bob J. | 06/24/2013  

I first tried PJ at the HHH in Texas and wasn't completely sold until a friend and i were on a ride and i cramped bad. He offered me a PJ and in 5 minuts, cramps stopped and i rode 20 more miles with no problems. I'm sold.
  --- Brett A. | 06/24/2013  

My wife loves this stuff. We were first introduced to the drink on a bike ride out of Hillsboro. Since then, we cannot buy enough to keep her stocked for our weekly long rides.
  --- Craig R. | 06/24/2013  

I am an active 70 year old woman and have suffered from severe leg cramps at night. I knew about pickle juice, and had thrown away a lot of wrinkled pickles because of drinking the juice. Now I can buy your bottles from HEB. Three cheers for our good Texas store. I plan to order the shots from you. I like that they have a true screw on top, I can travel with those. Thanks!
  --- Robin W. | 06/18/2013  

I'm not a work out fiend, I do exercise and now I always look forward to the freshing taste of PJ Sport since I discovered it. I initially started drinking pickle juice to help settle my stomach, as I suffer from severe and chronic nausea. I'd taked to drinking the leftover juice from jars, and after doing some research found that pickle juice was found to be effective for upset stomachs. I got tired of eating entire jars of pickles just to get to the juice, and after scouring the internet I came across PJ Sport and I had to try it. Needless to say, I'm now hooked. I drink about half a bottle sipping throughout the day, and have definitely been feeling the benefits and always make sure to have some on hand. I've given away a couple of bottles, to my father who suffers from leg cramping and to a friend who needed to stay hydrated after having several oral surgeries. They both loved it, I may have gotten two more people hooked! This product is GREAT!
  --- Eileen M. | 06/06/2013  

Hmmmmm, what can i say about the pickle juice shot but it is the BOMB!!!!! Explosive taste and hydrates the bod!!!!!!! Gatorade is the thing of the past that stuff makes you feel bloated pickle juice is the future jump on board and no more feeling bloated but hydrated!!!
  --- Heston M. | 06/05/2013  

I can't believe it, it works on me. Every time I run a marathon I always get cramps but when I tried pickle juice I never had any cramps and did good on my race.
  --- Gerrick R. | 06/05/2013  

In 2011 I ran my fisrt tough mudder, It was a 10 mile coarse and I suffered cramps by mile 6. In 2012 I slammed a 16once picked juice before the 11 plus mile TM, and had a few more onces durring the run and had no cramping at all. I also drink pickle juice before softball games,and long bycicle rides. It's a great product and I'd be suffering without it. 6192
  --- Marty S. | 05/23/2013  

Love the product! I have been drinking pickle juice for quite awhile and was tired of throwing away jars partially filled with pickles and no juice !! I heard about this and bought the small containers. I have some in my desk, car, golf and tennis bag and in the refrigerator! Cannot recommend this enough. Also, extremely quick delivery and excellent service!
  --- Anne H. | 05/22/2013  

so happy to use this product, so effective been using it in my training for gran fondo ny.
  --- Ramon H. | 05/21/2013  

I ordered pickle juice shots after trying a sample at the Texas Easter Hill Country Tour. Now I try a shot on any ride of 60 miles or longer. Great stuff!
  --- Derek O. | 05/21/2013  

cramps have been a problem for me for a few years, tried everything with no luck, since using pickle juice i have not had a single cramp!! great product.....why does it work tho im curious??
  --- John F. | 04/24/2013  

I am two months pregnant and the cramping in my legs were horrible I went into academy and see. This bottle of pickle juice and I was in heaven !!! It cures my cramps plus my pickle craving
  --- Jenna F. | 04/12/2013  

I've never had an issue with cramps but like a sports drink when I feel like I've pushed myself to the brink. I'm not a fan of other sports drinks due to their sugar content so when i saw the pickle juice on a ride I was excited to give it a try. I loved it! It tastes great! I'm definitely a new user.
  --- Rachel H. | 04/11/2013  

I'm not athletic at all. I suffered from nightly leg and feet cramps for about 3 years until about 6 weeks ago when I began using Pickle Juice slammers. Now, whenever I use it I am guaranteed not to have cramps at night. My sleep is so much better now that I am uing this product. The slammers are also great for airplane travel as they meet federal regulations of weighing less than 3 ounces. Thank you for a great product.
  --- Leigh E. | 03/21/2013  

Great product and does what it advertises - stops the cramping. I'm 69 years young and when ever I feel the onset to cramping I take some PJ Sport Drink and the cramping goes away. The PJ Shot 2.5oz works great and is easy to carry.
  --- Don T. | 03/14/2013  

Pickle Juice really helped me run a marathon with no cramps. The little rock marathon is the first marathon I ran with pickle juice and it is my first marathon with no cramps. Pickle Juice really works and tastes great
  --- Akbar S. | 03/14/2013  

This pickle juice is great for help in easing the pain of leg cramps. I normally get cramps when I exert myself. When I feel the tingling that leads to a cramp I simply go to the fridge and pound down one of the pickle juice drinks. I happen to enjoy combining this juice with the juice of other dill pickles. Brings up the flavor a bit and is fantastic.
  --- Jerry J. | 03/14/2013  

I 'discovered' PJ in August '09 after cramping at mile 80 of the Hotter Than Hell 100 and picking up a bottle at a rest stop. I've since used PJ at multiple Tour das Hugels in Austin and several centuries and have never cramped. I recently took a 12 pack of the Slammer size to the Vuelta Puerto Rico (3 days, 380 miles, 85+ degrees and 85%+ humidity) and had no issues. I gave away several bottles to others who others who were experiencing severe cramping--- worked on the spot. I'm sure they're now customers. Great product!
  --- Gary E. | 02/18/2013  

After dealing with leg and foot cramps for years I was told to try pickle juice. I did a little research and located this site and this product. It does exactly what it advertises. Cramps are gone almost instantly and the juice is quite tasty. I am very pleased with the product, the quickness of shipping and the great customer service.
  --- Judy H. | 02/18/2013  

After months of my sophomore son playing basketball and experiencing cramping, I turned to the internet and researched solutions to cramping problems. I then found Pickle Juice Sport and decided to give it a try for my son. What a great product, he likes the taste of it, and he has not had ANY cramps while practicing or playing. It's amazing! Thanks for giving us a sports supplement that really does work!
  --- Spenser V. | 12/26/2012  

Before, during and after workouts Pickle Juice Sport completely eliminates cramping. Used during a Tough Mudder this fall and ran right past the people stretching their cramped up calves! I recommend this product to any athlete no matter what level.
  --- Chad W. | 12/19/2012  

I suffer from nightime leg cramps. My doctor's assistant suggested drinking juice from my pickle jar. I searched internet for a more practical solution. I found Pickle Juice Sport. I ordered some.The CEO even personally responded to me with recommendation on how much to drink when. IT WORKED!!!!. I am now about to order my third supply. It really works.
  --- Dan E. | 12/18/2012  

I am happy to offer this review of pickle juice sport drink. I suffer from nightime leg cramps. My doctor's assistant suggested drinking juice from my pickle jar. I searched internet for a more practical solution. I found Pickle Juice Sport. I ordered som. The CEO even personalky responded to me with recommendation on how much to drink when. IT WORKED!!!!. I am now about to order my third supply. It really works.
  --- Dan E. | 12/18/2012  

  --- Dennis K. | 12/18/2012  

The pickle juice is a blessing for me. It works like magic, I have tried potassium supplements, sports drinks, and even prescription quinine. Hooray for pickle juice
  --- Lillian V. | 12/18/2012  

Pickle Juice Sport is fantastic! I was plagued for years with horrible leg cramps. I heard on the Peoples Pharmacy forum about pickle juice helping, and tried using regular dill pickles in a jar. This worked if I could get to the fridge, but often my cramps were so bad that I couldn't even walk from my bedroom to the fridge. Then I learned about Pickle Juice Sport. This product does not require refrigeration (key for me, and I called to confirm this), so now I order Pickle Juice Sport by the case, and always keep a bottle on my nightstand. I simply LOVE Pickle Juice Sport!
  --- Christy B. | 12/18/2012  

How Pickle Juice Sport saved my life this year. I was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease in 2007. One of the side effects has been severe dehydration and I was taking at least one trip to the ER every year when they got so bad I could not function. The doctor’s were always concerned with the frequency and location of the cramps because the heart is a muscle, if mine cramped… well you can guess. My last hospital trip was November 2011. Shortly thereafter I read an online article about Pickle Juice Sport. I was already drinking a combination of more fluids (according to doctors) then would kill some humans. I decided to give Pickle Juice Sport a chance. I drink a 16 oz bottle to start every weekday plus water and sports drink regiment and recently added the Shot, at work, as needed. I HAVE NOT HAD another cramp in over a year. Their service and staff is also exceptional and very professional. Thank You Pickle Juice Sport for giving me the best year of my life in the past 5 years.
  --- Shawn N. | 12/11/2012  

Last year after my son had just finished a 2-a-day football practices on a very hot day he experienced what can only be characterized as a full body cramp. His calf muscles went first, then his thighs, abs, shoulders and finally his arms. He went to the ground and he couldn't get up nor could anyone get him up, he was in excruciating pain and nothing any of us did made a bit of difference. He ended up in the ER and only after any hour of aggressive treatment did they finally get the muscle cramping to stop but not before his muscles produced so much toxic byproduct his kidneys started having difficulty dealing with it. In the end he ended up in the hospital for 3 days, 2 in the ICU, taking more than 9 litters of fluid before he urinated for the first time. After some online education I found pickle juice as a potential remedy that athletes who experienced similar symptoms used. I then ran across your product and immediately ordered two cases. Throughout the rest of the season my son drank Pickle Juice before and after every practice and game and never once experienced the life threatening cramping caused by the dehydration and electrolyte imbalance he had on that day.
  --- Rex A. | 11/11/2012  

I am 50 plus cyclist in Scottsdale, Arizona, where temperatures tend to hover around sizzling (can you say 90 degree nighttime lows?), making proper hydration essential. I was very skeptical about pickle juice until I noticed one of the girls on my daughter's cross country team using it. I tried PJ and was pleasantly surprised how it helped me, particularly on longer rides. Who knew? Now I am sold, proving that old dogs can learn new tricks after all.
  --- Michael M. | 11/02/2012  

I have been a competitive endurance bike racer for many years. Living and training in the Phoenix heat, muscle crams have been an ongoing battle for me. Early summer 2012, I was introduced to PJ Sport by a friend that had success with the product. I have never had a cramp since... I highly recommend PJ Sport!
  --- Tim R. | 11/02/2012  

This year I was training for my first marathon. As the long runs got longer (and harder), I realized that pickle juice sounded great! For a while I drank pickle juice from the grocery store (the kind with the pickles!). But there are downsides to that. So I ordered this product, in the concentrated form. It was convenient to use. And, believe it or not, in the middle of an endurance event it tastes good. Most important, it had a real impact on my performance on my long training runs and on my marathon itself. Two days ago I became a marathon finisher in DC. Pickle Juice helped me get to that day, and it helped me finish. Thanks!
  --- Dave C. | 10/30/2012  

I suffer from leg and muscle cramps due to various medications prescribed for me along with the fact that I am on oxygen 24/7. I suffer from high blood pressure as well and find that Pickle Power is much more effctive at eliminating muscle cramps than a prescription of Ropinirole. Thanks for producing such a superior product. I will buy more!
  --- Barbara H. | 10/27/2012  

Tried pickle Juice at the HHH in Texas this year and was impressed I was not wiped out ...felt great after the ride cramping for my husband or son. This is the BEST kept secret. Would love to see it on the shef with all the other sports drinks. We live in Florida and also run marathons, have started to drink pickle juice for our long runs, it is amazing how good we now feel even in the heat and humidity! So glad I can order it online. I have been promoting your product and handing out bottles to all our friends. Next try....mabe a pickle juice martini!!!
  --- Carol F. | 10/24/2012  

I am 54 years old, I was having leg cramps at night and read about pickle juice. I have about a half bottle at night before going to bed and have not had a problem since. It works great!
  --- Tim F. | 10/23/2012  

I am mid-40s athlete still trying to play soccer and complete an ironman. This year, out of nowhere, I started getting horrible cramps - calves, hamstrings, quads, even my toes. Tried taking time off, didn't work. Stumbled upon Pickle Juice and thought it couldn't hurt to try. Since then I've had ZERO cramping. Gave some to my friends and they've had the same experience. NO CRAMPING! This product really has allowed me to keep competing. I will never see the top of any podium but I'll cross the finish line cramp free. Better than anything I've ever tried.
  --- Stephen B. | 10/10/2012  

Order with confidence. My order was apparently lost in the system; however, with a single call to the company they not only corrected the issue immediately but made all efforts to ensure I received my order as soon as possible. Excellent customer service!
  --- Dan M. | 10/09/2012  

Southeast New Mexico Cycling (Team Hobbs) has long recommended Pickle Juice Sports Drink to all of our member cyclists. The new small
  --- Bob R. | 10/01/2012  

This is an unbelievably effective product. I can be literally doubled over with cramps, drink a third of a bottle and in 3-4 minutes feel absolutely fine.
  --- Ronald F. | 09/13/2012  

I had placed a order for the football team I coach for and we started out camp with a lot of our boys cramping. As a player for the Bay Area Bandits Womens Football team our trainer started giving us pickle juice before games to help avoid cramping. While in TX for our Championship game I came acrosss your product in a sports store we bought 2 cases and then ordered another when we got back to CA. As I was saying the kids that I coach was cramping up alot during camp so I placed a order and started giving to the boys once it arrived. The kids got a kick out the pickle juice in a bottle, but the coaches and parents liked the fact that this product help the kids avoid those cramps during practice and game days!! We just finished that case I bought and I am sure we will be placing another order soon. Thank you Brandon for taking care of my order and getting it to me qucikly!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you will soon have your product here in San Jose CA!! Thank you again, Coach Summers
  --- Jenell S. | 09/13/2012  

Drank pickle juice sport before my stadium run & sprints and the stuff is unbelievable! Not only did it help with muscle cramps but the fatigue as well. Not only a must have for endurance sports, but my grandmother uses it for her leg cramps too..... Good stuff. Thanks again, Chris M.
  --- Chris M. | 09/12/2012  

Just completed my 10th Ironman at IM Canada. This was was the first Ironman with no cramping of my legs at all - thanks to Pickle Juice Sport. I had a bottle at special needs on the bike, in T2 and at the run special needs. My team mates think I'm nuts but I was the only one with no cramping issues. Next up will be American River 50 mile trail run - and Pickle Juice Sport will be there with me. Awesome stuff - thank you!
  --- Dan R. | 09/10/2012  

I have been cycling for 2 1/2 years now and have been prone to leg cramps. Many a times they have ruined a good MTB race. I tried everything to stop the cramping. I got mixed results from various products. It was not until I tried PJ that I got the results I was looking for. I started using PJ and a couple of tums (calcium) before all my races and rides. Since doing so, I have not had any cramping issues. This weekend at the Hotter'n Hell Hundred I tried the new Slammer size and was cramp free all weekend. I call it my magic juice.
  --- Brian A. | 08/28/2012  

I play senior tennis (50 and over) at a very competitive level (4.5) and i have had cramping issues the last 3 years at sectionals in the heat of the summer with trips to the emergency room for IV's. This year i played 4 matches in three days in Mobile, Alabama on hard courts in 90--95 degrees, plus the humidity and i am pleased to report that i had no issues or cramping. I have followed the protocal of hydrating for several years and still had cramping issues. The only thing i can attest this year's success (no cramping) would be to the Pickle Juice Sport! Thank you again for the excellent customer service and i will continue to place orders in the future.   Sincerely, Allen
  --- Allen F. | 08/23/2012  

After 3 straight summers to the emergency room for IV's after tennis matches, i gave PJ sport a try and i am thrilled to report no cramping; even after 4 matches in 3 days in the Mobile, Alabama heat & humidity at the end of July.
  --- Allen F. | 08/23/2012  

I've been using a small bottle (8 ounces) of the Pickle Juice Sport in my water bottle mixed with a scoop or more of energy drink mix for the past two seasons to help ward off cramping during XC mountain bike races. I used to cramp a lot, but the combination of my training and using the PJ Sport has kept me cramp free for two full seasons on race day. Give it a try!
  --- Bruce B. | 08/11/2012  

THIS PRODUCT WORKS. I am immensely active. I train year round, daily, for triathlons, and more recently, mixed martial arts. I've never had a consistent problem with cramping, until I began Jiu Jitsu. To keep it short, I was subject to wave after wave of muscle cramps that were completely debilitating, multiple muscle groups simultaneously. As any grappler can testify, saying it was enough to stop training meant they were no joke. It wasn't until I made PJ a part of my daily routine that my cramping became an infrequent, and much milder occurrence. This product made hydrating easy, cheap, effective, and best of all delicious (assuming you like pickles).
  --- Brandon C. | 08/09/2012  

Great stuff! I was curious about how it would work and even unsure if it made sense. Well, it works, and it works great! Better than anything else I have found. Thanks much!
  --- Ryan L. | 08/08/2012  

Farm and Ranch work has me out in the field on hot Texas summer afternoons. Your product has proven its effectiveness to me in shutting down the cramps associated with the dehydration inherent in this work. When you feel the cramps coming on at night, the relief is very fast, within minutes, of consuming a bottle of PJ Sport. I just wish your local vendors did a better job of stocking up on the product. I pay more to have it delivered to the ranch to assure its available when needed!
  --- Chuck C. | 08/08/2012  

I have been a competitive baseball/ softball player for over 30 years and this product has kept me hydrated and cramp free. Playing in the USA World Championship Senior softball this last October in Phoenix Az, I had not prepared myself and had multiply cramps in my hamstrings and calves, with just a ounce of PJ Sport drink and less than 10 minutes I was pain free and running like a 25 year old again it was unbelievable. I now drink a couple of ounces the night before and maybe 1-2 ounce the day of tournaments and I have no issues. I was cramp free for the 1st time in my over 30 years of playing and working hard.
  --- Jeff B. | 07/24/2012  

Just a note to say THANKS for your product. I buy Pickle Juice Sport for my wife who is 60 years old and has had leg cramping all her life. We own a retail store and do a lot of walking and moving of merchandise. My wife can tell by the end of the day when she can expect to have leg cramps while sleeping......out comes the PJ and in most cases she does not cramp and if she does the cramps are not as bad. PJ IS NOT JUST FOR ATHLETES, IT ALSO WORKS WELL FOR US OLD WORKING PEOPLE!
  --- Barry T. | 07/22/2012  

PJ really works well. All my life I have been prone to cramping, and PJ pretty-much has ended the misery. What an incredible product!
  --- Craig L. | 07/20/2012  

I tend to get toe, foot and calf/leg cramps during the summer. I couldn't figure out why I started getting these a few years ago and began searching for an answer. I found the suggestion about drinking pickle juice. I bought a couple jars of pickles and drank the juice when I would wake up in the middle of the night with cramps. I was shocked that it worked so well but I thought that someone should make just the juice so I wouldn't have to waste the pickles. And then....I discovered PJ Sport. I am truly amazed at how fast this works. I wake up with cramps, drink 8 oz. of the PJ pickle juice and within 3-5 minutes, the cramps are totally gone so I can go back to sleep. What a wonderful relief. Thanks for a great product.
  --- Sara C. | 07/13/2012  

I spent a week working on my Dad's house in the Texas heat and humidity. I had never heard of your product before but my step Mom picked up some to help with my heat cramps. I am 63 and the heat knocks me down with heat cramps. The first time I started cramping I gulped a bottle down and within a minute or so, I stopped cramping in my hands and feet! You have an amazing product. I was thrilled with the results this week out in the heat. Thank you, Thank you for such a wonderful product. John Placek
  --- Johny P. | 07/10/2012  

The PJ was more than I expected. Had heard from coaches and other folks about PJ for cramps. My wife has a lot of trouble with cramps. I do not, but have found the drink is very refreshing- served cold. Hopefully the PJ will help my wife. I also found that Academy Sports carries it here. I plan to continue using it.
  --- Bill C. | 07/01/2012  

This is a great product. During spring football my son started cramping up. He drank a bottle of Pickle Juice Sport Drink and his cramps eased up within 60 seconds and he was able to get back out on the field quickly. He is a believer in this sports drink.
  --- Skip C. | 06/28/2012  

Bought this for my husband who works outside and suffers cramps. Works wonders!!!! Will continue to order and I promote pickle juice to everyone.
  --- Janette H. | 06/28/2012  

Thanks again for shipping your pickle juice so promptly! I used as you suggested in the double century-- 212 miles of cycling in one day. I completed the ride without any cramps! My legs felt great from start to finish. I drank an 8 ounce serving prior to the start and then filled each water bottle with several ounces along with my sports drink. Everything we stopped to refuel I added the pickle juice to my water bottle. It worked absolutely great!!! I could not be more pleased. It was a 12 hour day in the saddle without any cramping issues. I gave one of my 8 ounce bottles to another rider who was cramping and within minutes he started feeling better and by the end of the ride he was hammering again. He was thrilled with your pickle juice as I am. It is my new best friend on long rides!!! Thanks again for everything---Freddie.
  --- Freddie B. | 06/26/2012  

My wife has a problem with low sodium, which can be quite severe. She uses the Pickle Juice whenever she feels it coming on and it helps a LOT! She can drink a small amount of the Pickle Juice, whereas to use a traditional Sports drink would call for a much larger amount of liquid, which poses its own problems. Also, she does not do well with any citrus, so again, Pickle Juice is the clear winner. Thanks!
  --- Malette P. | 05/31/2012  

Two years ago after a brutal 3 hour tennis match in 90 degree heat I found myself in an ambulance heading for the emergency room again! Chronic cramps had plagued me my entire life. While getting the IV the emergency room doctor told me to drink pickle juice. I though he was kidding but he told me he ran marathons and it really worked. I went online and stumbled upon Pickle Juice Sport and low and behold I have been cramp free for two years.   I have tried all remedies and I don’t know why but this stuff really works, it’s a fact!!!!!!!!!!!
  --- Joe C. | 05/22/2012  

I love love love Pickle Juice Sport! I have ulcers and severe acid reflux, So instead of buying pickles and drinking the juice then chunking the pickles I found this stuff and it works 10x better than any prescription to tame down heartburn!!! I also get leg cramps and foot cramps in the middle of the night and I drink a bottle before bed and no cramps anymore! AMAZING STUFF!!! I'm definitely a lifer!!
  --- Shandy P. | 05/18/2012  

Fantastic! I have been racing half and full ironman triathlons for five years and have suffered cramps in everyone. I have tried everything written to solve this problem except pickle juice ... It just sounded too extreme. Well I finally had enough after the San Juan 70.3 and bought some Pickle Juice Sport for the St Croix 70.3. This is considered by many to be the toughest half ironman out there. I took a bottle the night before, on race morning and in T1 and T2. Result -- I completed the run leg without a single cramp. Not one, not even the hint of one. I am completely sold.
  --- Paul H. | 05/07/2012  

Pickle Juice Sport Drink is the only product that has kept me from cramping and is also the only product that has stopped the cramping once the cramps started if I forgot to drink Pickle Juice Sport Drink soon enough. I tried so many other products and combinations of those other products over the years and nothing else worked. I have been a competitive Road Bike and Mountain Bike racer and still use Pickle Juice Sport Drink today. Before Pickle Juice Sport Drink, when the cramps started, my race results suffered badly and in many cases my race was over. I gave a teammate some Pickle Juice Sport Drink after he started cramping at the Sugarloaf climb of the Horrible Hundred ride in Florida and he was surprised that he was able to finish the event strongly, and at the finish, said he felt like he had another 20 miles in him!
  --- Bill C. | 05/01/2012  

I'm in Arizona and I use your pickle juice sports drink for both road and mountain biking. Especially with mountain biking, I found during long sustained efforts I would begin cramping in my calfs, thighs or hamstrings. I then started buying large jars of pickles just to get access to the pickle juice. Then I found out about this product and I have yet to develop a cramp. It just works.
  --- David M. | 05/01/2012  

I use Pickle Juice prior to refereeing soccer games in New Orleans. It helps keep you fresh and energized after a long day on the pitch. It is hard to find in New Orleans and the first time I tried Pickle Juice was in Weatherford, Texas at the Peach Pedal ride. It also helps before and during a long ride.
  --- Sonya D. | 04/17/2012  

I took my Krav Maga green belt test this weekend. A very sturdy five and a half hours. In past tests (which were shorter) I had cramping issues. This time I added Pickle Juice sport to my hydration menu and was able to finish w/o any cramps. Excellent
  --- Tim M. | 04/02/2012  

Amazing... My 15 yr old son plays soccer (midfield) competitively and often has 2-3 games in a weekend and will find himself cramping typically by the middle of the second game and often cannot continue. We only recently heard about pickle juice from his trainer and found your product researching online. This past weekend he had three tough, physically demanding games. He had 8 oz of Pickle Juice Sport between games and about 4 oz during halftime of the second game - NO Cramps. Thanks !
  --- Tony R. | 03/27/2012  

It tastes just like you think it would. The effects are the same as taking a shot of actual pickle juice when you have a cramp. It goes down a lot smoother and it works! I have horrible leg cramps caused by blowing out both of my hamstrings multiple times and since I started drinking Pickle Juice Sport I am able to work my legs out longer and there has been no pain from cramps which have cost me days of training for bad ones.
  --- Matthew S. | 03/23/2012  

So, I receive the Pickle Juice in the mail about two weeks ago ; one day before my hard core boot camp exercise class. I decided to try it out during my class. So, the night before class I hydrated myself drinking water and the next morning I drank 1 bottle before class. Also I fill up one of my water bottles with water and another with the pickle juice. Long story short, I drank the pickle juice in conjunction with the water and I felt lively throughout the whole workout without cramping up
  --- Alfonzo T. | 03/23/2012  

I am sold. You guys are the real deal. This stuff WORKS. I am training for a 1/2 & full Ironman & am telling everyone about your product. Thanks for a great product!
  --- Cris S. | 03/20/2012  

I play in a band and after a night of standing on stage, my calves and hamstrings would knot up after I went to bed causing terrible agony. I tried quinine but it has side effects. The PJ sport drink takes care of the problem in about 15 or 20 minutes without fail. I keep a bottle on my nightstand and one in my band gig bag as well. Great product!
  --- Steve L. | 03/12/2012  

I'm probably a lifetime customer now. I'm 54 and my cramps had gotten worse while playing tennis and jogging. I got two bottles from the Academy Sports store and tried it. It worked. I drink one before I start playing tennis and keep one handy in my tennis bag. Wish I had known this years ago.
  --- Ronnie A. | 03/09/2012  

Even though I was hesitant in using the Pickle Juice, I decided to use it as I've had cramp issues in my Hamstrings/Quads for over 30 years doing extreme physical exercise. Almost immediately my cramps were no where to be found ! I would suggest using the drink 30 minutes prior to your exercise and every two hours or as needed. My suggestion is to drink it very fast and wash it down with your favorite sports drink or water. Drink your Pickle Juice in the best of health ! Rob
  --- Robert D. | 03/09/2012  

Despite downing numerous salt tablets during races, I suffered from cramps during all 3 of my marathons last year (Atlanta, Ft Lauderdale, Miami). Desperate not to repeat that experience this year, I did my research and decided to try pickle juice. One problem: I didn't know what I would do with all those leftover pickles. :-) And then I found out about PJ! I ordered a six-pack (I live in Miami - the shipping cost me more than the product itself!) and tried it on my next long training run. It tasted great and didn't upset my stomach. So I tried it during my two marathons in January (Disney and Miami), and it worked like a charm - NO cramping on two humid Florida days! I'm a big believer in PJ - it works!
  --- John W. | 03/09/2012  

I recently began using PJ Sport Drink to help with my Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD). Since I workout heavily 4-5 days a week, this is a great way to supplement for electrolytes consumed during the day. After the first use, I was able to sleep more soundly due to the fact that my arms and legs were not twitching all night.
  --- Ian S. | 03/09/2012  

I learned about your product from an EMT, who was adminstering an IV to my daughter, who has battled with dehydration during competition. We are a family of off-road racers. A typical weekend includes 2-3 hours of practice, one 1 hour race on Saturday or Sunday and a 2 hour race on the other day.The entire family (4 racers) now begins hydrating with PJ Sports the Friday before and maintains hydration throughout the weekend with the help of PJ Sports. Since using PJ Sports, not one of us has suffered with dehydration and we have all improved stamina in our races, with our last lap times often the fastest. AMAZING!! I personally feel like I have gained 10 years back on my ability to compete. We are often asked,
  --- Tammi S. | 03/02/2012  

I would like to say my 2 teenage boys love this juice they play football and basketball.they drink it before and during the game. they love them, thanks for the wonderful product.
  --- Charles R. | 02/19/2012  

A friend told me about Pickle Juice and gave me a bottle. I have used it for about 4 months now. I tend to have cramps during the night from minor to extremely severe. I drink the Pickle Juice at the first onset and get relief with 5-10 minutes. Before Pickle Juice the severe cramps which are deep in the inside part of the thigh would not quit for 20-30 minutes. I highly recommend Pickle Juice.
  --- Ron H. | 02/11/2012  

I've been drinking pickle juice sport for a few months while preparing for my first marathon. I love the stuff and noticed a measurable difference in cramping when I don't have it. If I was drinking it while on a long run, my calves wouldn't start to cramp up until well past 12 miles; however, if I didn't bring it then the cramping typically started around mile 8 or 9.
  --- Sandra D. | 02/10/2012  

I have suffererd from severe leg cramps for all my life. Many trips to my doctor, prescriptions and over the counter products provided no help. My wife keep telling me to drink a little pickle juice. I hated pickles, so I ignored her suggestions. Finally she poured a little juice into a glass and told me to just drink it. My cramp was gone in less than 50 seconds. Since that day many years ago, I am a believer. I have shared
  --- Bill S. | 02/06/2012  

I am a huge believer in Pickle Juice. It is the #1 way to stay hydrated , particularly in the summer months.
  --- Grant S. | 02/02/2012  

I have Crohn’s disease, one of the results of that is dehydration and sever muscle cramps, sometimes as many as 15 a day. I went to the ER a few months back, after being nearly immobilized by the cramps, and they did nothing to help me other than run some tests so I took matters into my own hands, an internet article on Pickle Juice Sport piqued my interest and I put in an order. I drink 16 FL OZ a day before work and it has helped when cramps come up and helps keep cramps away when I get severely dehydrated. I’m a believer.
  --- Shawn N. | 01/31/2012  

I am a majorly avid fan of this power drink - not just as a user but as a distributor for riders at events. Weather should not be a factor but it does seem to be more of a focal point in heat. Still, many riders get cramps due to lack of sodium and pickle juice has it all. Thank you! Added note - Brandon is the best supporter of Pickle Juice at all riding events!
  --- Debby C. | 01/29/2012  

I had severe thigh cramps from taking drugs to reduce my cholesterol and minimize my inflamation caused by Rheunatoid Arthritis (Enbrel) very popular and extremely expensive drug. After starting this drug once a week my cramps are reduced by 95%! and the severe 10+ acte inflammation attacks that occured with exertion are gone! I am 60 yr. OLDER PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION THIS IS NOT JUST FOR YOUNG SPORTS PEOPLE.
  --- Janice M. | 01/27/2012  

I have been involved varioius sports my entire life including competing in wrestling at the high school and collegiate levels. Now that I am older, I continue to train and workout on a regular basis. I have always suffered from severe cramps after my workouts. But, not any more! I discovered Pickle Juice Sport Drink last summer and all my problems with cramping have completely disappeared. The moment I feel like I might cramp up, I drink a bottle of PJ and it prevents me from cramping. It has been a real God send to me. I highly recommend it to anyone prone to cramping.
  --- Bruce C. | 01/24/2012  

Brandon (and Pickle Juice Sport) have had a presence at our LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour for the last several years. The product is much appreciated by riders in the latter stages of this hilly ride, even in March. I also have had a personal experience with the product in the Hotter 'N' Hell 100 in Wichita Falls a couple of years ago. I started drinking it at the 30-mile mark, and it stood me in good stead for the remainder of my 100-mile ride. I have never had another product revive me as this one did. I would invite all riders to try it, certainly in the hot weather of Texas!
  --- Nolan K. | 01/23/2012  

Brandon provided Pickle Juice Sport for the Texas 4000 for Cancer ATLAS Ride. This is a June event and the heat is usually brutal for our riders and keeping folks hydrated is paramount. PJ Sport was a crowd favorite and helped us run a successful event!
  --- Nathasha C. | 01/23/2012  

I play in a number of tournaments for various sports (indoor/outdoor soccer, kickball, etc.) and I make sure to load up on Pickle Juice Sports for my team. The electrolytes and hydration provided are immeasurably helpful when we have long days out on the fields.
  --- Tom H. | 01/23/2012  

I don't usually cramp, but even so, a swig really gives me a pick-me-up and keeps me hydrated. If I had to choose one thing to carry as an extra, this would be it!
  --- Rob D. | 01/23/2012  

Summer temps are brutal for cyclists living in Texas. Pickle Juice is the only product I have ever used that totally eliminates cramping. My husband swears by it. He cramped so bad he fell trying to get off his bike. I gave him a bottle of “PJ” and within 10 minutes he was back in the saddle. It’s a must staple when packing gear for those long rides. “WE LOVE THE STUFF”
  --- Andrea -. | 01/23/2012  

i am a 63 year old hockey player and i have had leg cramps for years- thanks to your pickle juice thay are a thing of the past- thanks you and the NYT for the info
  --- Dennis K. | 01/23/2012  

My son drank Pickle Juice while in athletics, and he said this stuff really works! I mean, it really surprised me that he took such a liking to it. I have even tried it, and you know what? IT REALLY DOES STOP MUSCLE CRAMPS! It's also great for hydration... I am a fan... TOTALLY!
  --- A. T. H. | 01/23/2012  
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